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***In this category there are several of my texts on various themes.
***However, as the translation of my texts in Greek takes a lot of time, this category will be gradually loaded.
***Moreover, I strongly suggest to the visitor, to see also my texts that are autonomous excerpts of my books, at the menu of each book.

The great wall of China and the washing machine

Why is it so hard for me to accept that sometime, for all and for all of us comes a moment that things end? Why until this moment comes for me too, I do not permit myself to enjoy too, from time to time and without much thinking a new shinning washing machine purring like...
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The Art of Listening-2: form, flow, improvisation [intro on a webinar-text]

What can be some way to facilitate our authenticity in “audio” improvisation? How can we produce meaningful improvised results by being “into” the flow of our improvisation while at the same time we are aware of its form?
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The art of listening-1 [intro on a webinar-text]

We finally consume stimuli, no matter what stimuli. And as a consequence of lining in a “noise” of stimuli we desensitise: I mean that we become unable to give any meaning to our senses, since we are simply consuming what they are bringing in our being every moment.
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The hasty month

And me, stunned and wondering, I was seeing the vivid mist moving and slowly disappearing with the mortal glory of a hurricane
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On the bridge over the troubled waters of any Midlife season [introductory text on a webinar]

In this webinar we shall see this so important midlife phase mainly on its deep, existential roots and not so much on advices about “what to do” or “how to overpass”
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14. The violence in denying the fact of loneliness

So, by projecting a mentally unreachable past on an imaginary future that has not happened yet, we think that we somehow “know” the taste of this future. Under the effect of either of these aspects of  nostalgia, we act as if we are drugged by the need for the Other. We assign to the Other,...
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Back to the basics but not self-evident (1): what is psychotherapy and who is the psychotherapist

It is different to say  “I am in psychotherapy” and different to say “I am thinking or reading about psychotherapy or going to lectures or watch psychological programs in TV", ignoring my physical responses, my feelings, my attitude to life and how my issues affect this attitude.
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Back to the basics but not self-evident (2): further aspects of psychotherapy

Anything that simply works “therapeutically” in a broad sense is not psychotherapy. A good massage, artistic experience, holidays, good sex, swimming, yoga, reflexology, gymnastics can be “therapeutic” but in no way they are psychotherapy.
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We are not only what we think we are, or: our mind is not omnipotent

In our days, there is a broader, widespread and fashionable tendency in popular psychology: the idea that we always get (or attract) whatever we think, that in one sense through our so-called “thought-forms” we are able to selectively draw to ourselves elements from our surroundings...
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SENTIMENTS – short inspirations… [1]

Collection No1 of short autonomous texts with images that I wrote in different times for different purposes
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SENTIMENTS – short inspirations… [2]

Collection No2 of short autonomous texts with images that I wrote in different times for different purposes
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The basic form of the “MOTIF Exercise” in the PSP approach seen through Gestalt therapy principles

The "Motif Exercise" is a way to enrich awareness not only in psychotherapy, but also in other fields involving in any way process and awareness work. Especially in Gestalt therapy, this exercise can be seen as an “experiment”, able not only to enhance awareness, but also to produce significant material for further and deep therapeutic...
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The “SHARING” and “MATRIX” variations of the “MOTIF exercise” in the PSP approach seen through Gestalt therapy principles

The "Motif Exercise" is not fitness, dance, or role-playing. It becomes meaningful only as a way to enrich awareness and get tuned with our experiential stream. As such a tool, it has to be used very carefully and thoughtfully. In this text we shall see two of the most significant variations of this exercise.
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The “PERSONAL FILM” in the PSP approach seen through Gestalt therapy principles

The "Personal Film" is formed automatically along with our direct and immediate experience. It is a symbolic representation of the instantaneous and dynamic merging of conscious and unconscious material out of which is composed the non-stop continuum of our experience
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The other, the Other and the Look

When we interact, it is like each one of us is giving life through our responses to a world that is totally “other” and can never be fully accessed. Moreover, we need to feel visible inside our individuality which, strangely enough, seems to be possible and acquires some meaning only through the Other's eyes.
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