**Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website.
**Its content is almost only my own material and its only aim is to communicate what I find meaningful and I enjoy in what I am doing, without any purpose to psychologically or spiritually “educate” anybody according to the fashion of “positive thinking”.
**I renew rather regularly its contents, but here is a quick OVERVIEW OF RECENT UPLOADS OF MY MATERIAL as well as of events in which I participate.

**This is my page in fb ONLY in ENGLISH (texts, live-videos, etc): Petros Theodorou – workings

… so, in two words, it doesn’t matter so much that I do not know what is coming next – however, I am not at all in the quest for any kind of universal and hidden “eternal truths”.
Simply, I respectfully bow to the Vast Unknown and I really do hope, thankfully, that there will be enough time just for still many miracles to be experienced…

I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, and live here. Today, a big part of my interest is in the concept of psychotherapy.
I am member of E.A.G.T. (the European Association for Gestalt therapy) and accredited by E.A.G.T. supervisor. 
Moreover, in Greece and abroad, I am an external co-operator (in training, supervision, postgraduate and other Programs),  at various Centres and Institutes of training and psychotherapy (in Gestalt therapy or other modalities). 

However, as anyone else, I had and I have several other aspects.
My first degree was related to the medical field. 
Also, before my studies in psychology and psychotherapy, I have been a professional composer for about 17 beautiful years.
And, presently, I often get involved with the praxis and training in Playback Theatre, with the workshop of creative improvisation “Polytechno”, while I keep some activities related to music. 

Since 2006 I integrated several ideas and inspirations and I devised my approach PSP (Process-Stage-Praxis) – an adjunctive skill and a complementary tool with several application possibilities (psychotherapy, art, education, work).

In whatever I am doing, I am by now philosophically based mostly on our fundamental existential givens: loss, futility, loneliness, responsibility of choice. 
I am also focusing much on relationships of eros, sexual desire and love. On such themes I gradually structured a Program of lectures and experiential workshops, entitled: “The eyes in which I was mirrored”. 

On the activities mentioned above, I still find meaning and enjoy much in doing videos and write books and texts (in Greek and in English). My writings are both theoretical as well as of a literary style (mainly prose-poems or short stories). 


If you wish to have anyone of them printed or in pdf format, please contact me.

SHADOW: our silent companion through life's journey

a visit to the sanctuary of both our humble and great moments
NOTES for you


25 texts and 25 images on eros, sexual desire, love and life

Recent uploads-events

.... that might be of some interest for the English speaking visitor of my web-page. I am involved in several other events and activities that are not noted here, because they are in Greek and being realised in Greece.
July 2019, book in English
«SHADOW: our silent companion through life's journey"

This is my 2nd book published in ENGLISH (100 signed and numbered copies). INFO
The book is available anywhere by post after contacting me: moc.l1571151985iamg@1571151985uhtso1571151985rtep1571151985

End of September 2019. The series II of my live-videos , in ENGLISH
"The Hereticals II" [2019-audio in English]" - My live videos on concepts that are horribly abused in internet, fb and by pop-psychology

This series II of my live videos is DIRECTLY in English, and it starts around the end of September 2019.
The idea of doing “The Hereticals”, emerged as I reached the red line of my patience being bombardised by the huge trash in the internet about important concepts in psychotherapy, philosophy, relationships, life.
By no means I claim that I say in these videos any “correct” meaning of such concepts. I simply declare openly my thoughts about their abuse and I suggest my personal approach, which is based mostly on the existential aspects of the philosophy underlying the Gestalt therapy principles.
The series I, “The Hereticals I [2018-subbed]”are ALL SUBTITLED in English.

19-22 September 2019, participating and facilitating a workshop in the EAGT Conference (Budapest)
The title of my workshop in EAGT Conference is "Body: the fertile bridge from nothing to something"

The basic idea of this workshop has to do with the processes through which the fundamental “units” of our experience are composed, on a microstructure level, beyond our conscious mind.
“Down there”, the conscious and mental understanding of such processes is meaningless for our mental functions because the “language” on these deep layers of our being consists only of micro-emotions (affects) produced through a unique co-operation of body and brain.
Thus even when in the macro-scale of our minds we perceive “nothingness” and the emptiness of being, in the micro-scale of our being there is always “something” happening – the basic “units of our experience keep on being produced, non-consciously. […] This workshop unfolds through alternating zones of very brief introductions on its coral ideas, experiential work and sharing, in an overall existential “atmosphere”.


some of these activities on annual basis take place only in Greece. However, several of them might take place also abroad, in English. Such info is noted in each activity.


Short live videos usually on themes which are abused by pop-psychology, social media and internet.


Participation in the activities of this volunteering initiatives framework (lectures, groups, workshops, presentations etc – only in Thessaloniki, Greece).

Ongoing experiential group

on relationships and the themes of eros, love, sexual desire. From October till May, 18 meetings of 3 hours each, every 2 weeks (Thessaloniki – Greece).

Introducing PSP (Process-Stage-Praxis)

Series of training workshops: 100 hours in total, usually in 6 meetings of 18 hours each, Saturday – Sunday (Thessaloniki – Greece or abroad).

Group supervision in psychotherapy

The meetings of the group are every year arranged differently, according to the participants’ availability (Thessaloniki – Greece or abroad).


Lectures and / or workshops

My lectures and workshops take place in Thessaloniki, elsewhere or abroad (in English). They are on various themes. However, a special sequence of 4 lectures, which are either stand-alone presentations or accompanied by 4 stand-alone 16-hour workshops, have to do with the Program “The eyes in which I was mirrored” (you may see the relevant category at the menu “Psychotherapy/PSP/services”. The theme of this Program is the relationships of eros, sexual desire and love and the Program has been realised several times in Greece and abroad.

. .

Workshop “Polytechno”

A workshop on creative interactive improvisation (4 hours per week, but I participate 2 hours every 15 days). At “Polytechno”, I work with my PSP approach applied on integration  of movement, sound, improvisation. “Polytechno” is organised by the “Studio Nemesi” and unfolds in co-operation with Tina Stefanopoulou (only in Thessaloniki, Greece).

Playback Theatre

Full Training Programs or autonomous workshops in Playback Theatre through my approach PSP (Process-Stage-Praxis) and participation in performances co-operating with several groups (in Greece and abroad).


Tomorrow can be another shinning day or can be another shit… for both these versions of tomorrow we can do nothing, until this present day ends…

a wish...
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