… In this menu there are some videos that I make on several subjects.
… Moreover, here, in some sub-categories, I include some videos in which the music is from parts of past works, when I was composing music.
… "The Hereticals" is a series of live videos that I do in fb and I upload also here, in my web-page, as well as in my channel in You Tube.
All of "The Hereticals" are on concepts that I think are horribly abused by internet, social media and pop-psychology (love, forgiveness, interconnectedness, positive thinking, the power of our thoughts, etc).
I do not claim at all that what I say about such concepts is any kind of "truth", I only present my personal approach.

Lights and Shadows in life: reaching beyond the polarity [introducing 3 webinars]

The concept of the “Shadow” is the core of these webinars. In an overall existential “atmosphere, they will unfold combining theoretical parts and experiential work (within the boundaries of the online possibilities). The “Shadow” will be presented in connection with the widely (and often carelessly used in internet) notion of the “inner child”.
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Mistakes cannot exist / Share*dots project-3 [the video]

This is a stand-alone video and at the same time is the THEME of the 3rd event in a series of online meetings under the overall title: “Share*dots project”
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“Gloria” – A hymn

Personally I simply have several feelings and awe just by being a tiny particle of this vast universe - so I enjoyed deeply composing this music as a gesture of respect to the Immense Unknown.
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In the rushing New of the next day / Share*dots project-2 [the video]

This is a stand-alone video and at the same time is the THEME of the 2nd event in a series of online meetings under the overall title: “Share*dots project”
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On the unknown difficult feelings / Share*dots project-1 [the video]

This is a stand-alone video and at the same time is the THEME of the 1st event in a series of online meetings under the overall title: “Share*dots project”
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“In the Shadows of Eros”-introducing my workshop in Warsaw

In Eros we have the almost metaphysical certitude that we somehow “knew” the Other even before we actually met in reality. There is also a sense of deep harmony and intimacy, as if there are not and there will never be any differences with the Other. And, finally, exactly who meets whom in Eros?
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Getting at the core of the “Share*Dots project” idea

Share*Dots project emerged as an online call to people to simply share, talking about whatever they wish to talk, having in mind that the theme of each meeting will have been briefly presented in an already, before the meeting, uploaded video.
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The relational self in times of threat and isolation, of covid-19 [full lecture]

In all times for all humans, whenever we say “me” or “I am” we immediately produce a “you” or a “you are”, like the word “cold” implies “hot” and “springtime” implies “fall”
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“Algorithmic aria-2” [in MUSICA PRACTICA]-CD, 1995, 16th track

In “MUSICA PRACTICA” I intended to explore and show the vast possibilities of the electronic instruments when they are used  creatively and not only to produce some beat or to imitate acoustic instruments. 
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“Song” [in ARS MORIENDI] – CD, 2000, 6th & 12th track

Το ARS MORIENDI ήταν το τελευταίο μου έργο ως συνθέτης, αρχίζοντας τις σπουδές μου στην ψυχοθεραπεία Gestalt.
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I am listening to music. Am I listening to? How? [no words]

Who knows? Maybe what we considered cacophony till now, may open a new vast horizon of beautiful audio landscapes, if we only become actively willing to open to new sound palettes.
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On Eros and mirrors

It does not matter that in Eros we soon reach through the silvery surface of this mirror with our hand. Nor that later, reaching behind the mirror and beyond the glittering mercury, what we touch is nothing but reflections of our own selves. [Video - NOTES FOR YOU]
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The kiss

How many dense, miraculous moments can be contained within this primary stimulation of the mucosa of our lips! How many things can be created by a simple breath of a kiss! We just have to be able to accept it, and to be willing to learn how to gift it. [Video - NOTES FOR YOU]
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It doesn’t matter that at times we stand still, hand in hand with the Other, as if not wanting to frighten some invisible darkness that may rush in angrily and crush our fragile grip. [Video - NOTES FOR YOU]
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On desire and mirrors

He already knows how her invisible downy hair will gently resist his caresses on her arms, her shoulders, her belly, her legs, everywhere. He already knows the form of her breasts and the shape of her nipples. [Video - NOTES FOR YOU]
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