2. The passage

Not all of those moments when we meet and cross paths can be what we could call “Primary Moments”: that is,

moments capable of creating their own continuity on our timeline, giving birth in this way to an entire new chapter of our lives.
Not all the moments of meeting can be Primary Moments because our paths intersect in countless ways and in countless situations.

First and foremost we meet in our imagination. But we also meet in what we call the external  world.
There, sometimes we meet as bodies that cross a space in a hurry, being just fleeting shadows in the eyes of the Others.
At other times, if we do not move very quickly, we can get caught at the glances of some passers-by, discreet or indiscreet.
We meet at the supermarket, in the elevator, waiting to cross the street, in bank queues, at beaches, on country strolls or while shopping.
We also meet at accident scenes and generally in many unpleasant and painful situations that leave us stunned at the cruelty of life.
But we may also meet in front of shop windows, while climbing stairs, in corridors, offices, services, shops, sidewalks, as temporary occupants of adjacent tables or seats, in squares, in the middle of a big crowd or even in the wilderness, or in bars, restaurants, taverns or cinemas.

In other words we are constantly filled with images of a myriad of Others,

snapshots of every kind: indifferent, exciting, and often annoying. These endless images of other people, carrying fleeting and momentary meanings, are like transparencies.
These transparencies portray vague snapshots of Others and keep on stacking up within us, in chaotic or beautifully arranged impressions.
Moreover, the voices and the words of all those Others mingle and form a peculiar audio stream, like music and noise heard together.

Nonetheless, sometimes in this vast flood of colourful impressions springing out of our countless meetings with people, something special happens.
From time to time one very specific moment, even when we are simply being introduced to each other, may explode into a flash of lightning and become a kind of Primary Moment, able to initiate its own continuity in time.
And let’s say that in the extension of such a moment across time, we fall in love. Or that we simply enjoy (or  believe we  are enjoying) our sexual desire for each other.
Anyway, let’s say that as a Primary Moment emerges, uniquely marking one of our infinite meetings, we cannot but do some thing, one among all those things that one can do when struck by lightning.
Of course, in time our encounter evolves and many, many things may happen.
Among these, if we do not say goodbye to each other, and if we do not wildly devour each other, an even deeper Primary Moment of another kind may arise.

For example, let’s imagine that when I suddenly notice your hand stretching out to grab a glass

or to set the table, it were possible that all the clocks of this world would stop. And in this pause in time, full of silence, your hand becomes another hand.
A new hand with another meaning, a totally new meaning that starts embracing what I call “your hand”, pushing it elsewhere, somewhere beyond beauty, charm, attraction or aesthetics.
Then this totally new, indescribable meaning of your hand is transformed into a live pulse.
A pulse that is as tight as a clenched fist, yet able to traverse space, to penetrate my body like a bullet, to invade all my veins and cells, then to transcend my musculature and bones and reach the unseen depths within me, where it starts spreading like a warm stain which, far from being unclean, is a blessing.

This is the lightning flash belonging to another kind of Primary Moment,

as it might be called, in which the Other, or something from the Other, starts shining with a totally new, minimal yet powerful meaning.
To be exact, it is the moment where the glorious Wholeness of the Other, carried by some minimal new emergent meaning, becomes able to reach us and fully establish itself in all that we are.
It is the passage from Eros or sexual desire to love.
However, it is needless to say that this passage can happen only as long as we are able to bear whatever we call “love”.

the book NOTES FOR YOU is  a literary – existential

approach to three bewitching phenomena of human existence: eros, love, sexual desire.

Eros, love, sexual desire: 

three autonomous clusters of needs, which although they overlap, cannot substitute for each other – when I drink water, however much I drink I cannot satisfy my hunger. Maybe this is one of the reasons for which, in our days, there are so many myths and misconceptions about our relationships.

NOTES FOR YOU – [notebook A]

INFO: [110 pages]  [17,5Χ22 cm]
1st ed. in English, ISBN 978-618-83861-2-9
[in 100 numbered and signed copies]
ERGASTIRI ENTIPOU publications, 2018

This 1st edition is to be distributed exclusively
in Greece or delivered in other countries only by order to the author:
+30-2310-262872   +30-6977-210469    petrosthu@gmail.com

Video in the first person about the coral idea 
and the features of this book

A NON-VERBAL video with images from the
 and music from my compositions


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