25 short texts and images about eros, love, desire and life – [Notebook A] – [My 3rd book]

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14. The violence in denying the fact of loneliness

So, by projecting a mentally unreachable past on an imaginary future that has not happened yet, we think that we somehow “know” the taste of this future. Under the effect of either of these aspects of  nostalgia, we act as if we are drugged by the need for the Other. We assign to the Other,...
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NOTES FOR YOU: a video in the first person about the book

A quick introduction in first person to the main ideas and the features of my 1st book translated in English, accompanied by images of the book and excerpts from my past compositions of mine.
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NOTES FOR YOU – notebook A [presenting the book]

A thorough presentation of my 1st book translated in English, its backcover and info on its edition and availability. The book consists of 25 short texts and 25 images.
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NOTES FOR YOU: Table of Contents, contributors

The titles of the 25 autonomous texts of the book and the contributors of this publication - its 1st in English
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“NOTES FOR YOU” – without words

A video consisting of selected images from my 1st book translated in English, and music with parts of my past compositions.
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On Eros and mirrors

It does not matter that in Eros we soon reach through the silvery surface of this mirror with our hand. Nor that later, reaching behind the mirror and beyond the glittering mercury, what we touch is nothing but reflections of our own selves. [Video - NOTES FOR YOU]
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The kiss

How many dense, miraculous moments can be contained within this primary stimulation of the mucosa of our lips! How many things can be created by a simple breath of a kiss! We just have to be able to accept it, and to be willing to learn how to gift it. [Video - NOTES FOR YOU]
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It doesn’t matter that at times we stand still, hand in hand with the Other, as if not wanting to frighten some invisible darkness that may rush in angrily and crush our fragile grip. [Video - NOTES FOR YOU]
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On desire and mirrors

He already knows how her invisible downy hair will gently resist his caresses on her arms, her shoulders, her belly, her legs, everywhere. He already knows the form of her breasts and the shape of her nipples. [Video - NOTES FOR YOU]
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The silent scream

When I think I can never live without you because I sense myself as half a person, I continue to be something whole that simply feels like half... [Video - NOTES FOR YOU]
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Yet, through our yearning and deep thirst for the Other, we think we have done something “wrong”. We shrink, we become much smaller. We take on our own backs the total and unbearable responsibility for events that are not produced by ourselves alone. [Video - NOTES FOR YOU]
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The addict’s monologue

She comes round now and then but only “as friends” she emphasizes. Let her say whatever she wants, I am sure she doesn’t know what she wants either. We’ve even had sex sometimes and it’s like taking my dose. [Video - NOTES FOR YOU]
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The cheat’s monologue

“What did you two do exactly, what kind of sex did you have, what position, how many times did you do it, from where, how much, when, what did she have that I lack” [Video - NOTES FOR YOU]
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9. A piano, sex and love

Just as happens with a single piano key, so desire for the Other’s body does not necessarily have to serve some goal on any higher level, in order to give birth to rounded and beautiful moments. That is to say, sexual desire does not necessarily have to serve love. [Excerpt from NOTES FOR YOU]
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1. On eros and mirrors

Not one of these side-effects of Eros matters at all. Because the Others available to us as our mirrors are countless, so countless will be our chances to experience breaking into fragmented reflections again and again. [Excerpt from NOTES FOR YOU]
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