Gestalt therapy

Lights and Shadows in life: reaching beyond the polarity [introducing 3 webinars]

The concept of the “Shadow” is the core of these webinars. The webinars will unfold In an overall existential “atmosphere" while the "Shadow” will be presented in connection with the widely (and often carelessly used) notion of the “inner child”.
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14. The violence in denying the fact of loneliness

So, by projecting a mentally unreachable past on an imaginary future that has not happened yet, we think that we somehow “know” the taste of this future. Under the effect of either of these aspects of  nostalgia, we act as if we are drugged by the need for the Other. We assign to the Other,...
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Mistakes cannot exist / Share*dots project-3 [the video]

This is a stand-alone video and at the same time is the THEME of the 3rd event in a series of online meetings under the overall title: “Share*dots project”
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The relational self in times of threat and isolation, of covid-19 [full lecture]

In all times for all humans, whenever we say “me” or “I am” we immediately produce a “you” or a “you are”, like the word “cold” implies “hot”. [This lecture was the INSPIRATION for the birth of Share*Dots]
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Working with dreams in Gestalt therapy

This video is part of the theory accompanying a workshop on dream-work in Gestalt therapy. The workshop was in the training program of the Gestalt therapy Institute “SYNERGIA” (Skopje, Macedonia - accredited by EAGT)
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The basic form of the “MOTIF Exercise” in the PSP approach seen through Gestalt therapy principles

The "Motif Exercise" is a way to enrich awareness not only in psychotherapy, but also in other fields involving in any way process and awareness work. Especially in Gestalt therapy, this exercise can be seen as an “experiment”, able not only to enhance awareness, but also to produce significant material for further and deep therapeutic...
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The “SHARING” and “MATRIX” variations of the “MOTIF exercise” in the PSP approach seen through Gestalt therapy principles

The "Motif Exercise" is not fitness, dance, or role-playing. It becomes meaningful only as a way to enrich awareness and get tuned with our experiential stream. As such a tool, it has to be used very carefully and thoughtfully. In this text we shall see two of the most significant variations of this exercise.
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The “PERSONAL FILM” in the PSP approach seen through Gestalt therapy principles

The "Personal Film" is formed automatically along with our direct and immediate experience. It is a symbolic representation of the instantaneous and dynamic merging of conscious and unconscious material out of which is composed the non-stop continuum of our experience
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Our mind is not omnipotent | #16: The Hereticals [spoken in English]

In our days, there is a broader, widespread and fashionable tendency in popular psychology: the idea that we always get (or attract) whatever we think, that in one sense through our so-called “thought-forms” we are able to selectively draw to ourselves elements from our surroundings...
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We are not only what we are thinking | #1: The Hereticals / subbed

In our days, there is a broader, widespread and fashionable tendency in psychology, or rather in popular psychology: the idea that we always get (or attract) whatever we think... Consequently, if I think positively, if I am an optimist, I shall attract events that are good for me… 
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In the miracle of our moments | #2: The Hereticals / subbed

Any experience is first composed on non-conscious lower (I mean simply less complex) levels and then passes on to higher (only in terms of complexity) levels to be more and more refined, until it reaches a coherent form and enters our conscious mind. As a metaphor, I would suggest the image of a tall building...
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Inner child: angel? demon? | #5: The Hereticals / subbed

...alienated past aspects of our selves, imprisoned in non-conscious regions of our being (the "Shadow"), are able to affect our present adult life, crucially and often destructively. In such cases, we suffer greatly. We start repeating in our adult present again and again what we were doing in our childhood
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Eros, sex: are they always compatible? | #6: The Hereticals / subbed

In everyday life we often use to identify the experience of "being in love" ("eros") with the sexual desire - and the contrary. In a way, we consider these two phenomena strongly interconnected and the one to be the cause of the other. However, does sexual desire always need, in order to emerge, the experience...
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Is there what we call “time”? | #7: The Hereticals / subbed

I think that I can go nowhere if I start by the axiom that my self-sense and what is presented by my senses is anyway "mistaken" - "wrong". I shall immediately feel "not good enough" and guilty because I am loosing some eternal truth. So I become a child scolded by his/her parents because she/he...
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I wonder if you deserve my fragile trust | #8: The Hereticals / subbed

What does exactly mean the word "trust"? And how are we abusing it in our habitual connections? Maybe, sometimes, we use it as a tool to control the Other or as an excuse for us to play the victim? When, how, whom or what can we really trust in a meaningful way?
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