SHADOW: readers’ comments

[1] Eleni Vretzaki: architect, museologist, Director of  «Tetragon.

This book is not a practical guide to “live better”. It is not a manual or a collection of recipes.
It is a tool addressed to anyone and very useful, as it leaves its traces in our way of thinking as well as in our views about our own lives.

The author’s writing style is simple and friendly.
Yet, it is thoroughly worked out so it supports the reader to perceive easily very complex meanings, without loosing at all its serious scientific foundation.
There are never terminology problems and whenever an unusual word or concept appears, it is always very clearly explained.

The book’s structure is impressive. However, impressive is also the flowing language with its vividness and so many charming poetic nuances. Metaphors and many images are very skilfully used to support a comprehensible presentation of the author’s perspective.

I liked very much the surprise expecting me at the end of every section: quoted made up of a few sentences from beloved authors and poets, giving out the meaning of the section in totally another way, the unique way of the art.
I see for the first time such an idea and it makes reading much more experiential.
The quotes are touching, support the eye and the mind to relax while passing to the next section.

It is as if the book unfolds in two parallel courses.
On is a long, clear and safe highway leading to a destination.
The other one is like diving deeply in our personal reality, like a quick blink of an eye yet leading to the same destination through different landscapes.

[2] Sergey Kondurov: psychiatrist, gestalt therapist, supervisor. Director and trainer of Integrative Gestalt Training Institute, member of Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia, member and supervisor of European Association for Gestalt Therapy. Russia, Saint-Petersburg

I strongly envy those who are just about to start reading the book. For me it was an exciting and breathtaking adventure to follow the author’s journey through the most hidden and at the same time crucially important aspects of life.

It was a pleasure for me  to work with Petros Theodorou several times in the past and I always admire his delicate and at the same time very precise way to deal with complex and sophisticated situations unfolding in front of him in a therapeutic setting.
Now with this book we can see this care and preciseness in how he presents his ideas in a compact structure combined with fascinating and poetic flow.

By reading this book everyone may enrich their knowledge on how people’s motivation, emotions and behaviour connect with the important existential features of our species and how such features accompany us in all the journey of our life, just like Shadows – mostly hidden but always present.

[3] Alexandra Sadokova, PhD in Psychology, certified Body Psychotherapist in Bioenergetic Analysis

This book is an inspiring fellow travel and a wise guide in an exciting journey deep into one’s self.
We are all alone on this path because each one human being has his/her own pathway, unique and unbeknown, but always frightening and inspiring.
And the more fully and honestly we may look at our course in life without avoiding its hard parts, the more sincerely mistaken, the more emotionally we react, then the more valuable this course becomes.

This book is an important contribution to such an holistic view on our course in life, integrating its conscious and non-conscious aspects.
An amazing rare feature of the author is the ability to awaken your internal therapist and teacher, to launch a polyphony of internal dialogues, images, dreams …

The combination of fundamental psychological knowledge and poetic examples, results to a comprehensive presentation of the author’s so original ideas.
Deep exploration of the topic in an easy to follow way makes the book a valuable assistant and pure mirror for anyone who will touch its pages.

[4] Dr. Thrasivoulos Tsiatsos: Assistant Professor Department of Informatics Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), IMCL General Chair, iJIM Editor-in-Chief, GOAL Erasmus+ Project Coordinator

This book about our Shadows describes in an original and unique way important events that endlessly happen and happen in our non-conscious levels of being, much further from the areas reachable by our conscious mind.
The book also describes in the author’s original proposal how these events secretly and silently affect our conscious decisions and our course in life.

Moreover, chapter after chapter, the “Shadow” is gradually transformed from something shapeless to something tangible and understandable.
It gets shape, texture, meaning, whereas we can get an idea of the tremendous dynamics “down there”.

So the reader may use the so innovative ideas of this book to start sensing his/her own Shadow and their connection, her/his resistances to such a connection, as well as the ways in which he/she spends so much energy to keep on alienating the conscious everyday life from whatever Shadowed emotions and frozen experiences were once considered threatening.

SHADOW: our silent companion through life’s journey

INFO: [378 pages]  [14,2 X 20,2 cm] ISBN 978-618-00-1371-9
1st edition in English: 100 numbered and signed copies.

This edition is published by the author and is to be distributed exclusively
in Greece or delivered in other countries only by order to the author:    +30-6977-210469    +30-2310-262872

A video in first person on the central
ideas of the book and its features

2 short videos (no-words) on the ideas of the


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