Is there what we call “time”? | #7: The Hereticals / subbed


There have been and still are many different approaches in our perception of time.

However, in this video, I do not aim to present these approaches.
I focus more on the tendency of some scientists from the field of physics, to use scientific arguments in order to support metaphysical or theological ideas, on the name of some kind of spirituality combined with physics.

For example,

I often see in internet people from physics saying that our senses are” lying”, that we are living in a delusion constructed in our brains. This means that “out there”, there is something “objectively real” – whereas physics, today, claim that nobody knows how “really” is the physical reality (we simply know that there is, in fact, something that we call “physical reality”).

So, such spiritual prophets from the field of physics, suggest that I am wrong if I go on in life based on my subjective (“phenomenological”) experience. Moreover, it is implied that I must doubt my subjective experience and march in a spiritual pathway according to what “objectively” exists “out there” – a god? a super-spiritual-entity? – whatever…

So, what should I do?

Should I forget the pain, the disaster, the corruption, the horribly ugly and violent  aspects of our glorious human kind, because somewhere else, in another spiritual dimension, things look different? Should I forget that my body dies slowly every instant, because even if I die my energy or my “soul: will remain floating in the universe?
But, by doing so, I split myself in two parts, one living in here and now and one living in a transcendental dimension. By doing so I am actually killing my own subjective experience and my ability to remain alive, full of vitality, in a hard everyday real life…

To say “look, do not take as a given how the world is presented by your senses”,

is one thing and, indeed, a very nice thing, because the anthropomorphic delusions of the last centuries tend to be (finally) outdated.
However, to say that I should doubt my own subjectivity and flow of everyday experience, I see it as something criminal, as a naif religious suggestion towards a misconception of the word “spiritual”.
Personally, I believe that our subjective (phenomenological”) experience is the starting point of any sense of personal growth and spiritual development.
For me, whatever I am and do, starts from how I am experiencing myself NOW and not based on any transcendental principle.

I prefer to sense myself as I sense myself,

to become aware of this self-sense, and then Ito develop myself towards any orientation I like. The same is also about how the world is presented by my senses: I start from this presentation as it is experientially, and only then I can build any further hypothesis.
Instead, I think that I can go nowhere if I start by the axiom that my self-sense and what is presented by my senses is anyway “mistaken” – “wrong”.
I shall immediately feel “not good enough” and guilty because I am loosing some eternal truth. So I shrink, I become a child scolded by his/her parents because she/he did not study effectively.
Such a use of physics, to promote a cheap spirituality is, for me, abuse and not use.
And such physicists, for me, do not differ at all from prejudiced old-fashioned priests of some naif ideas originating from New-Age style of thinking, in which physics (especially quantum physics) are arbitrarily used as the foundation of metaphysic hypothesis.

*** “The Hereticals” is a series of live videos that I do in fb and I upload also here, in my web-page, as well as in my channel in You Tube.
*** All of “The Hereticals” are on concepts that I think are horribly abused by internet, social media and pop-psychology (love, forgiveness, interconnectedness, positive thinking, the power of our thoughts, etc).
*** I do not claim at all that what I say about such concepts is any kind of “truth”, I only present my personal approach.

NOTE: All of “The Hereticals” are based on and refer directly or indirectly to the theory and philosophy underlying Gestalt therapy and especially its existential aspects.


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